Complete 6 Panel GH Solar Water Heating Kit

Complete 6 Panel GH Solar Water Heating Kit
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Our 6 Panel GH Solar Water Heating Kit allows you to install your solar water heater system in record time.  The GH System uses a Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger with a special food grade heat transfer fluid (DOWFROST) to create a system that can operate trouble free year round. Please use our Glycol Calculator to determine the dilution ratio for winter conditions in your area as well as the total amount of glycol concentrate you need (4 Quarts are included). As with all our systems they connect directly to your existing water heater and don't interfere with existing source of heat (gas or electric). This way you can enjoy hot water even during long cloudy periods. Based on our revolutionary EZ-Connect  Solar Water Heater panels with PUSH-FIT fittings, you simply plug the panels into each other. No more external connection pipes for multi panel installations! You don't even need a wrench for assembling the panel array.

Each panel weighs slightly over 12 lbs. and is 24" by 24" but can still provide you with ample hot water. You can begin your system with a few panels and  add more if you need more.  With this kit you DO NOT have to solder at all! Each kit comes with:

  • 6 EZ-37 Panels
  • 1 Grade A 25W PV panel to power the pumps - NO grid connection required - plus wire and PV mounting kit
  • 1 TopsFlo TS5 15PV Pump for the Glycol Side
  • 1 TopsFlo TD5 Stainless Steel Pump for the Water Side
  • 1 Heliatos Glycol Fill Valve
  • 1 Heliatos Bottom Feed Connector
  • 1 Compact Stainless Steel (Alloy 316) Heat Exchanger
  • 1 Extrol Expansion Tank
  • 1 Complete Set of Fittings and Adapters
  • 4 Quarts DOWFROST Food Grade Propylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid
  • Installation Instructions Booklet


All You have to supply is:

  • Your choice of 1/2" Pipe from the panels to the water heater (Copper, CPVC, or PEX)
    • Or select 100 ft. PEX tubing option below
  • Fasteners to attach the panels to the roof, and the parts to feed the pipes through the roof if needed.
  • Insulation for the pipes.
  • Your existing Water Heater
  • Tools needed for installation


This product fits any existing water heater with a "boiler drain" near the bottom. This includes almost all gas and electric powered residential units. 

Please Note - Will NOT work with Marathon Non Metallic (Plastic) Water Heaters.


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