Glycol Retrofit kit for HELIATOS EZ-Connect Systems

Glycol Retrofit kit for HELIATOS EZ-Connect Systems
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If you live where there are occasional nightly freezes, and you don't want to drain your system, this kit offers the ideal solution. Everything you need to convert your EZ-Connect system from circulating water to using glycol is included, even the glycol itself. With this kit you can complete the conversion in a very short time. The cost is well worth being able to operate your system year round and never to have to worry about freezing temperatures again.

Kit includes:

  • Second Pump for Glycol Circulation
  • 10W PV panel to power the glycol pump
  • Wire and PV panel mounting kit
  • HELIATOS Glycol Fill Valve
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • EXTROL Expansion Tank
  • 1 Gallon Dynalene Solar Glycol (non-toxic antifreeze derived from corn)
  • Complete Fittings Kit with all connectors and adapters and miscellaneous parts

All you need is some basic tools for installation and a bucket or similar container.


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